It’s been a while…

Been kind of neglecting this site again. Anyway, for those of you that still check this site, I just want to tell that I finished one of my game projects a few days back. The game is available on it’s page here.

By now I feel like I should try updating a few pages on the site, especially the Conker pages, as it has been a fair while since new content was added to them. Do remember that frequent updates to these pages won’t be made, as I already have, as previously stated, a fansite about Conker, and that site will be seeing the most of updates. I haven’t abandoned this site yet. It’s just that I won’t be updating it much, and where I can and have the time to update, I will do so.

Also will be getting a few of my other games up in their respective pages on this site, so expect to be able to try those out soon(only if you want to).


It has really been some time since I last did anything on this site. Incase you don’t know, my Conker site are now available on the internet (link: Though with this new fansite having been given birth, I don’t think I’ll be updating any of the Conker related info on this site. For those of you guys from The Cutting Room Floor site, please go to the new Conker website, as there probably won’t be any more  unused stuff in Conker added to their respective pages. I will still be adding any new fanart and custom snapshots that I have so far made. I also now have my own site, There’s some drawings to check out as well as a few games of mine on there. Don’t worry though, I’m not gonna close this blog, I will keep it up online (and update some things here and there if I feel like it).

Besides, my Kazooie game project has come a bit further along by now, and is starting to take more form. I’ll be having a newer demo ready soon enough, just a few things left before I’ll upload it. A few teaser pics of demo 8.0 are below. While the screens may not show much, there has been some heavy changes made to the game behind the curtains:

KITTLscreen1  KITTLscreen2

KITTLscreen3  KITTLscreen4

Just a random update…

To say that I’m fine for most. My new iMAC just broke a few days ago, so right now I’m on my moms laptop. Also, I’ve been thinking a little about what I said about that Conker website idea of mine… No, I won’t scrap it, at least not yet, but I don’t think I really can handle paying montly fees just to have it stay up. My intent with hosting such a project was simply to have more freedom over it’s design and contents. However, I feel like I’ve spoken about it too early on(should have had kept it secret until I could get it online), and right now it has become nothing but a hazzle of endless promises. I myself aren’t too happy about having to delay it several times, but that’s probably the prize i have to pay for announcing something too early. Considering, I’m currently sharing my economies with my mom, so that’s one reason why I won’t dare trying to register for any domain name of my own.(like you’ve ever heard of this before. I know you haven’t, as I’m just saying this right now) But at the same time, I feel that the blog I currently have seems enough, and that elements of the original project has kind of merged together with this site… well, the old days of the internet may be over, but it won’t hurt to try designing your website the OLD way, which is what I’ve done so far, and bla-ha, bla-ha.

Aside from the above, I’ve been neglecting this blog… again. but I’ll upload a couple of new brawl snapshots that i’ve recently took, and also do a couple more updates to select pages in a moment.

Prototype carts of Conker?

Yes, that’s right. I’ve been hearing rumors of protos of Bad Fur Day being out in the wild(one early ECTS proto, and one Debug build cart). From what i know, is that Torrentstorm, the webmaster of Rareware Central, has been finding out about their existence. Though i’m not allowed to give out any further details about them, as TS has told me to keep any more details away from the public(possibly because if all info were leaked, then the seller would not sell them, and that i’m fearing very well). Still, i’ll be asking him in a PM about how it is going for him, especially if the required funds have been reached. I hope they’ll reach light eventually.

Well, that’s all i wanted to tell. As for this blog, i’ve added a couple new pages about some of my other games. Nothing else going on right now atm.
Edit: Changed the theme of my blog again, as the other one felt small, cramped, and not very handy either.


Looks like i’ve ignored this site kind of. Currently i have got the Snapshot-making page redone a bit, as well as a page for NTSC codes for the game. Still have to port the majority over them from PAL though. I’m starting with the audio modifiers. I’ll be doing the others as i finish porting that set of codes.

As for the site itself, not much new stuffs here.

Still alive..

No, i’m not dead. Just being heavily sick(i got the flu) as of now.

Even if updates don’t frequently appear here, there’s still more stuff going on in other pages. However, i started a new page about the NTSC version of Conker’s BFD in Not much in there yet, but i’ll update the page as i find out more… now, if i may go back a little.. about the Conker website that i planned to launch last year(which is  not this blog, as this is an different site altogether), i haven’t gave it up yet. The problem is getting the documents up online, and so far i haven’t found any publisher for it(if so will be needed in order to bring this website to life). Sometimes i’m really wondering how others succeed in getting their websites up. Further concerns of mine about trying to get the website up are the new laws that have sprung up recently, like SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. ACTA is the one law i’m most worried about, as it will have dramatical consequences on our internet if it passes. Fortunately there’s is some light on this, Avaaz, an global organization, is taking action against this horrible law, and by raising 3.000.000 votes, they hope to tackle it down. I’m trusting them in doing this, despite what others say. The question is if they can reach the 3.000.000 target just in time.

Besides, if i only had spent more time into getting the site up instead of hacking videogames, i wouldn’t have had much to worry about now. Nevertheless, i’ll try to get the website up this year, and i hope it will stay up.

Back again…

Alright, while my previous blog went down, i hope my new one won’t. We all have had made mistakes every once in a while, but i’ve learned something important; never try to upload more than 1 file at a time, or your blog may get suspended. Anyway, my usernames’ ConkerGuru, and i’ll be covering anything that has to do with Conker the Squirrel(not my property, and a videogame character that i don’t own), from fan arts to custom made ingame screenshots and information about unused stuff and how to access them. But it doesn’t end with only Conker, i will also set up pages for other games, and some other nongame stuff like drawings, projects  and so on. Not much available as of now, as this blog is just getting set up. More to follow soon.  /ConkerGuru(in short name, C.Guru)