Back again…

Alright, while my previous blog went down, i hope my new one won’t. We all have had made mistakes every once in a while, but i’ve learned something important; never try to upload more than 1 file at a time, or your blog may get suspended. Anyway, my usernames’ ConkerGuru, and i’ll be covering anything that has to do with Conker the Squirrel(not my property, and a videogame character that i don’t own), from fan arts to custom made ingame screenshots and information about unused stuff and how to access them. But it doesn’t end with only Conker, i will also set up pages for other games, and some other nongame stuff like drawings, projects  and so on. Not much available as of now, as this blog is just getting set up. More to follow soon.  /ConkerGuru(in short name, C.Guru)



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