Still alive..

No, i’m not dead. Just being heavily sick(i got the flu) as of now.

Even if updates don’t frequently appear here, there’s still more stuff going on in other pages. However, i started a new page about the NTSC version of Conker’s BFD in Not much in there yet, but i’ll update the page as i find out more… now, if i may go back a little.. about the Conker website that i planned to launch last year(which is  not this blog, as this is an different site altogether), i haven’t gave it up yet. The problem is getting the documents up online, and so far i haven’t found any publisher for it(if so will be needed in order to bring this website to life). Sometimes i’m really wondering how others succeed in getting their websites up. Further concerns of mine about trying to get the website up are the new laws that have sprung up recently, like SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. ACTA is the one law i’m most worried about, as it will have dramatical consequences on our internet if it passes. Fortunately there’s is some light on this, Avaaz, an global organization, is taking action against this horrible law, and by raising 3.000.000 votes, they hope to tackle it down. I’m trusting them in doing this, despite what others say. The question is if they can reach the 3.000.000 target just in time.

Besides, if i only had spent more time into getting the site up instead of hacking videogames, i wouldn’t have had much to worry about now. Nevertheless, i’ll try to get the website up this year, and i hope it will stay up.