Prototype carts of Conker?

Yes, that’s right. I’ve been hearing rumors of protos of Bad Fur Day being out in the wild(one early ECTS proto, and one Debug build cart). From what i know, is that Torrentstorm, the webmaster of Rareware Central, has been finding out about their existence. Though i’m not allowed to give out any further details about them, as TS has told me to keep any more details away from the public(possibly because if all info were leaked, then the seller would not sell them, and that i’m fearing very well). Still, i’ll be asking him in a PM about how it is going for him, especially if the required funds have been reached. I hope they’ll reach light eventually.

Well, that’s all i wanted to tell. As for this blog, i’ve added a couple new pages about some of my other games. Nothing else going on right now atm.
Edit: Changed the theme of my blog again, as the other one felt small, cramped, and not very handy either.



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