Just a random update…

To say that I’m fine for most. My new iMAC just broke a few days ago, so right now I’m on my moms laptop. Also, I’ve been thinking a little about what I said about that Conker website idea of mine… No, I won’t scrap it, at least not yet, but I don’t think I really can handle paying montly fees just to have it stay up. My intent with hosting such a project was simply to have more freedom over it’s design and contents. However, I feel like I’ve spoken about it too early on(should have had kept it secret until I could get it online), and right now it has become nothing but a hazzle of endless promises. I myself aren’t too happy about having to delay it several times, but that’s probably the prize i have to pay for announcing something too early. Considering, I’m currently sharing my economies with my mom, so that’s one reason why I won’t dare trying to register for any domain name of my own.(like you’ve ever heard of this before. I know you haven’t, as I’m just saying this right now) But at the same time, I feel that the blog I currently have seems enough, and that elements of the original project has kind of merged together with this site… well, the old days of the internet may be over, but it won’t hurt to try designing your website the OLD way, which is what I’ve done so far, and bla-ha, bla-ha.

Aside from the above, I’ve been neglecting this blog… again. but I’ll upload a couple of new brawl snapshots that i’ve recently took, and also do a couple more updates to select pages in a moment.


2 kommentarer på “Just a random update…

  1. Evil Sonic skriver:

    Have you tried using Zymic? It’s free.

  2. Domesto Bot skriver:

    Sorry to hear about your imac.. 😦 Keep up the good work I love your site, cbfd is an awesome game(actually playing through it right now, again!).


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