It has really been some time since I last did anything on this site. Incase you don’t know, my Conker site are now available on the internet (link: conkerhomeland.zymichost.com). Though with this new fansite having been given birth, I don’t think I’ll be updating any of the Conker related info on this site. For those of you guys from The Cutting Room Floor site, please go to the new Conker website, as there probably won’t be any more  unused stuff in Conker added to their respective pages. I will still be adding any new fanart and custom snapshots that I have so far made. I also now have my own site, worldofdumbcrows.zxq.net. There’s some drawings to check out as well as a few games of mine on there. Don’t worry though, I’m not gonna close this blog, I will keep it up online (and update some things here and there if I feel like it).

Besides, my Kazooie game project has come a bit further along by now, and is starting to take more form. I’ll be having a newer demo ready soon enough, just a few things left before I’ll upload it. A few teaser pics of demo 8.0 are below. While the screens may not show much, there has been some heavy changes made to the game behind the curtains:

KITTLscreen1  KITTLscreen2

KITTLscreen3  KITTLscreen4


2 kommentarer på “Woah!

  1. Andrew Borman skriver:

    Hey there, what tools are you using to hack Conker? I have two early versions of the game, and am looking to poke and peek and see what may be in it. Thanks.

  2. conkerguru skriver:

    Emulator mostly, along with a RAM memory hooker program called Renegade. I do have a Xploder 64, but the game crashes most of the time whenever I attempt to hack codes with it, so I’d rather hack the game on emulator. I’m really looking forward to those early Conker builds. Can’t wait to compare the differences between them and the final version.


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