It’s been a while…

Been kind of neglecting this site again. Anyway, for those of you that still check this site, I just want to tell that I finished one of my game projects a few days back. The game is available on it’s page here.

By now I feel like I should try updating a few pages on the site, especially the Conker pages, as it has been a fair while since new content was added to them. Do remember that frequent updates to these pages won’t be made, as I already have, as previously stated, a fansite about Conker, and that site will be seeing the most of updates. I haven’t abandoned this site yet. It’s just that I won’t be updating it much, and where I can and have the time to update, I will do so.

Also will be getting a few of my other games up in their respective pages on this site, so expect to be able to try those out soon(only if you want to).