Inaccessible Places

Blocked Antigravity Chocolate:


In the Poo Cabin, before or after it’s been flooded, fall down the path. Climb up the first rope then jump to the second nearest available rope and climb it up. Get on the wooden platform, and when on it(or just swim all the way, if it’s already flooded), adjust and look around with the camera a little until you spot an Antigravity chocolate.. Behind some gate! You can jump up there, but you cannot get the chocolate piece, as it’s mysteriously blocked out of reach. By using moonjump codes or similar hacks, you can get behind the gate, and grab the chocolate, which restores one hit point like the others do. Why it is in here, and what they had in mind with that i cannot really tell by 100%, but i’ll try my best.. of it’s existence here, it appears to be leftover from an early Bad Fur Day prototype, and the designers either oversaw this, or got lazy and didn’t remove it from the final game. Maybe they planned the game to be longer (AND possibly bigger) than what the current product turned out like.. It is just an guess of mine for now, but who knows what the developers really had in mind.. (or it could’ve been a shortcut, or it lead to some area that were cut from the final game, like a test level perhaps?)

Out-of-Access Water Tile:

Conker:”Err… hey, level designers, i think you forgot to remove something here!…”

This is something rather odd that i found at the beach level in singleplayer mode. However it’s completely out of reach, so the only way to get there is via cheating. By the looks of it(i had to lighten up the level a little, as it could barely ever be seen normally), it appears to be a design leftover from early BFD versions. Wonder why the level designers oversaw this..
Oh, and you can even swim in it, only to end up drifting away, falling off of it, and into the bottomless space.
It’s static, and doesn’t wave up and down like the normal water at the start of level.