Unused Animations

There’s an excessive amount of animations that also never made the final cut for various object models. You can view them in singleplayer by using this gameshark code, which replaces his default idle animation with one of the digits below (you may have to move him a little sometimes, as some animations won’t immediately change)

8109BC80 0XXX
Conker, weasel henchmen and all else multiplayer characters:
(Model IDs: 00 01 02 03 04 75 80 82 88 90 96 98 9C 9D 9F A0 B0 B1 B2 B4)

0006 Beta Jump
0008 Farting
0009 Landing. Beta?
000A Unknown. Beta?
000B Tail Punch
0010 Waving arms up and down. Probably a test animation
0012 Run. Beta?
0037 Beta Jump 2
0053 Weird jump. beta?
006E Jumping with broken leg. unused?
00CD Alternate swimming animation? beta?
014D Put on gas mask. beta?(Gas mask doesn’t appear)
0182 Looking out for something far away. Don’t know yet if it’s used
0183 Kneeling down. Might be related to the cutscene that got cut out, where Don Weaso plays Pokemon
0184 About to pet Pikachu. Also from the scene that were cut
0185 Conker Petting Pikachu. Also from the scene that were cut
0186 ”I don’t think any need for guesses” animation. Also from the scene that were cut
0187 Another unused animation. Could also be from the scene that were cut
0188 Unused yet again i believe.
0189 Yet another unused cutscene animation. Also from the scene that were cut
0190 Conker imitates Don Weaso??
0191 Beta??
0192 Beta??
01C2 Hungover(beta?)
01C3 Hungover(beta?)
01C4 Hungover(beta?)
01C5 Hungover(beta?)
01C6 Hungover(beta?)
01C7 Hungover(beta?)
01C8 Hungover(beta?)
01C9 Hungover(beta?)
01CA Hungover(beta?)
0216 beta?
02B7 Lower body below ground, inanimate. Unused?
02D0 Drunk, walking. Beta?
Corn Bag: model ID: 0E
0000 looking around
0001 hopping
0002 getting up
0003 laying on back
0004 Fall on his back
0005 trying to get up?
0006 waah!!
0007 trying to get up(he may’ve had some of his own sounds here once, but they were overwritten before the final release, so that’s all what is left)
Fire Imps: (Model IDs: 3A 3D)
0003 catching something in his mouth. This is from a montage trailer of a beta version of CBFD
0004 chewing. Also is from the montage trailer
0007 watching some strange object rocketing up, waiting to catch it. Also is from the trailer
0008 cartwheeling. Perhaps beta? Also makes a unused sound belonging to him.
Dung Beetle: (model ID: 44)
0009 beetle landing on back.(beta?)
000A beetle lying on back, spinning(beta?)
000B getting up(beta?)
0012 on back(beta?)
0013 on back, spinning(beta?)
0016 on back, freezes the game after dissapearing(beta?)
0021 ”All right there”(beta?)
0022 ”You just don’t wanna go in there”(beta?)
0024 Dung beetle going from ”skeleton” position to ”Sitting down with cup of tea” position(beta?)
0025 Left Dung beetle drinking tea with static wings out. Animates a bit slower, making it look more fluid(beta?)
Buga the Knut: model ID: 54
0020 Unknown. Beta?
Rodent: model ID: 5B
0006 Rolling. beta?
000B Pointing? beta?
Singleplayer Gregg: model ID: 70
001A Unused? Haven’t seen it ingame, and can’t recall it at all.
Little Girl: model ID: 7C
0007 hopping up and down? (beta?)
Don Weaso: model ID: 86
In the case of Don Weaso, only two unused animations seems to be left, along with 4 empty digits that at one point might have had animations, but now they’re not there anymore, so they point to 0000 instead.(or possibly duplicates, perhaps as an error handler for animations being removed during development)
0007 Don Weaso holding his hands out. Does not seem to be used anywhere
000F to 0012 No animations exists. Points instead to 0000
0022 Don Weaso chasing something? Possibly related to the cutscene that got scrapped
Pikachu Tail: model ID: AA
0000 bending back and forth