Unused Models

Models and objects not used in the game, simply put.

(Todo: get the rest of the unused models up on the page.)
Note: further hacking(for the majority of the screenshots) were done to remove any unneccessary scenery before taking the screenshots, thus only showing the model/object of focus and interest.

Corn Bag:

An Bag of Corn. Where this would of been used i have no idea, though it may have been somewhere in the barn in Barn Boys at one point.

Badly Textured Moneybag:

Looks like an early version of the final moneybag. The only difference is the texture it uses, ie it looks like it’s been thrown into a trash can and getting itself dirty.

Pikachu Tail:

The tail of an very popular mouse pokémon. This tail was, according to an post on Chris Seavor’s twitter page, used for an cutscene they were forced to cut on nintendo’s request. When the cutscene played, the tail, obviously, would be placed on the back of the Pikachu model. Whatmore, Conker was also to interact with it during the scene, as there’s some unused animations remaining in the game of Conker sitting on his knees, and petting some creature. Sadly, when digging into the ROM, the Pokémon model is nowhere to be found, suggesting that he was removed before game development were completed.

All of the first three beta models can be viewed ingame by replacing Conker’s 2nd image(which incidentally also is the one used in multiplayer). All codes below are for Player 1. Remember to not yet turn on the code while in an area. Leave it first, and while the new area is still loading, turn one of them on. When the screen fades in again, you’ll be the character specified by the code.

Corn Bag(C.Guru)
800CC8B9 0002
810D255E 0005
8009D1A1 000E

Badly Textured Moneybag(C.Guru)
800CC8B9 0002
810D255E 0005
8009D1A1 0071

Pokémon Tail(C.Guru)
800CC8B9 0002
810D255E 0005
8009D1A1 00AA

SHC Laptop:

An laptop presumably intended for one of the SHC squirrels.


Intended for an Army squirrel. Was first seen in a promotional trailer, but by the final version had disappeared, and seems to have been disabled. By using any of the below codes you can now see the walkie-talkie again like in the trailer video.

Restore beta Walkie-Talkie(PAL)(C.Guru):
80087298 0002
8109D540 9612
8009D543 0001
8009D546 0000
Restore beta Walkie-Talkie(NTSC)(C.Guru):
80086EF8 0002
8109D170 9612
8009D173 0001
8009D176 0000
Note: the code replaces the also likewise unused Bug-catching-net object below. There’s a noticable side effect to this, particularly in the ”Assault”, where the other squirrel soldiers are affected as well.

Screenshots showing the walkie-talkie being used in the final game via the above codes:

Bug Catching Net:

No idea where this would have been used, though it seems to come from very late in development, so this is possibly not leftover from Twelve Tales.


An table candle stick. By the looks of it, it seems to have been in Count Batula’s mansion once, on the dining table where Conker have himself a feast.

Remote Controller:

Objects viewable only by ROM hacking:

! Barrel:

Originally found by Coolboyman, screenshot by me.

Twelve Tales Crate:

An background object originally featured in the now gone Twelve Tales game.

Originally found by Coolboyman, screenshot by me.