Regional Differences

Wanted to do this for a long time, but never bothered to, so i’ve started this page. Well, not many regional oddities exist between the versions, as the game went out in english language only. However, some differences are noticable, and they’re listed here:

Main Menu:
On the options menu, the screen adjustment options present in PAL is absent from the NTSC version. Likely added to PAL so users could adjust the screen display as needed if the display seemed off or something.



Beta Options:
The hidden beta options aren’t that many in NTSC. Why that is are many uncertain of, including me.

In the NTSC version, when hitting the gargoyle with the frying pan, he makes a sound when he begins to stands up. For whatever reason, this was removed in PAL.

When you get the first cow out by having the bull ram into the target object, Conker makes a ”Swoosh” sound as he ”punches” before saying something about taking control of the bull, but is not in PAL. Why that sound were removed is entirely beyond me, since it actually fits well there.