Conker Snapshots Making Guide

I’ve been from time to time ever since i appeared online asked the often simple, yet so hard-to-answer question; How did you get these snapshots?, how do you make them?, and so on. I’ve been putting this aside for several months, but now it’s about time that i get bothered to write this guide, which I hope explains the process behind the making of my screenshots. If my explanations seem vague, keep in mind that, as a Conker fan, being the main guy behind all the cheat codes for this game, and having hacked this game for years, it sure becomes very hard for me to explain all this to total beginners. Even so, this guide is only intended to give you an general idea of what kinds of screenshots you can make with the codes provided, the only limits are your imagination, and what’s already in the game. It’s best to start with something simple, and perhaps, after gaining more experience(and patience), you’ll soon be mastering the whole snapshot making stuff just like myself.

Note: This page is a work in progress. Not everything is accurate, and i will also put up some easier examples soon.


Beginner examples

Intermediate examples

Advanced examples

Expert Examples

Edit: Added separate sections, to make the main page less messy.

Anyway, more(and perhaps easier) examples will come soon.



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