Advanced Examples

Examples of rather advanced nature. If you’re not confident with making screenshots like these, then better go to the beginners page and learn the basics first.

In order to make advanced snapshots like the ones on my snapshots page, you first have to pick a level of your choice(usually it’s best to do this in multi). Make sure to pick a suitable level for the scene of the snapshot that you’re going to set up, unless if nothing else seems perfect, better choose any of the flat glitch texture levels, or any of the other levels. Next is the codes used for setting up the scenes. For the below example, the following codes will be used:

Conker Model Modifier(P1)
8009D1A1 00XX
800CC8B9 0001
810D255E 0005

Conker Model Modifier(P2)
8009D1A2 00XX
800CCBE5 0003
800D257B 0005

Player 1 animations display (C.Guru)
810CC772 00FF
810CC778 0000
800CC6F5 0000
800CC6F3 0001
D0042DA4 0008
810CC774 0XXX
D0042DA4 0008
800CC6F3 00C6
Press D-pad up to change the characters animation

Player 2/Cpu 1 animations display(C.Guru)
810CCA9E 00FF
810CCAA4 0000
800CCA1F 000X
D0042DA4 0008
D0042DA4 0008
800CCA1F 00C6
Press D-pad up to change the characters animation

Player 1 Speed Adjuster
D0042DA4 0002
810CC738 0000
D0042DA4 0008
810CC738 3E00
D0042DA4 0001
810CC738 3F80

Player 2/Cpu 1 Speed Adjuster
D0042DA4 0002
810CCA64 0000
D0042DA4 0008
810CCA64 3E00
D0042DA4 0001
810CCA64 3F80

Player Control Switch(P1P2P3P4)
D1042DA4 0200
810843F0 00FF
D1042DA4 0800
810843F0 0000
D1042DA4 0100
810843F0 FF00
D1042DA4 0400
810843F0 FFFF
D1042DA4 0220
810843F2 00FF
D1042DA4 0820
810843F2 0000
D1042DA4 0120
810843F2 FF00
D1042DA4 0420
810843F2 FFFF

Press D-pad Up to Commit Suicide(Player 1)
D2042DA4 0008
810CC6F2 0001
D0042DA4 0008
810CC6F2 010D

Start in multiplayer mode(Press D-pad Left on controller 1)
800E0F62 0016
810BEE12 00XX
810BEE16 0008
D0042DA4 0002
800E0FC4 0005

Move Conker ANYWHERE (Player 1) (C.Guru)
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 00C0
810CC714 4000
D10CC714 4000
800CC7EA 0000
D00CC7EA 0000
810CC7E8 0000
D10CC7E8 0000
800CC815 0000
D00CC815 0000
800CC827 0000
D00CC827 0000
803FFFF0 0000
D03FFFF0 0000
D0042DA5 0020
803FFFF0 0001
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC710 8000
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC778 FF00
D03FFFF0 0001
800CC7EA 00FF
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC7E8 F700
D03FFFF0 0001
800CC827 0004
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC876 0000
D03FFFF0 0001
800CC815 00FF
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC718 0001
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC714 8000
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 000A
810CC710 40FB
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 0008
810CC710 420B
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 0009
810CC710 42AB
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 0006
810CC710 C0FB
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 0004
810CC710 C20B
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 0005
810CC710 C2AB

(before we begin this example, it is a good idea to frequently savestate the scene you’re trying to achieve, as something will very likely go wrong if not careful. I always do this for safety sakes.)
For this snapshot we pick the Throne Room level(level digit 18), and have character 1 as The Panther King(digit 76), and the 2nd character as the tall, skinny throne guarding weasel(digit 11). In the following picture, both characters screens are visible at once. This is normally not wanted, so your character has to be killed in some way, either by letting him fall into endless space below or using the ”Press D-pad Up to Commit Suicide” code above in order to eliminate the second player screen.

Now, by using the Player Control Switch code, set your character to be uncontrolable, and move the weasel towards the throne so he faces in front of the king, as seen on this pic.

Next, set the weasel to uncontrolable, and you’ll now have control over The Panther King. Set his size so that he properly fits in his chair. Setting the size of the weasel is also important, because in some cutscenes, the game resizes the character models to an fixed size in order to make them not look so small. This also applies here, because if they were at normal size, and the level model are not at the appropiate size (usually levels wholly intended for cutscenes), it would just look unnatural in some way… but it’s your choice if you want the characters to be at normal size or not, this is just a example.

Now, by using the ”Move Conker ANYWHERE” code, position the Panther King so that he looks to be sitting in his chair, as in the following screenshot(just have some patience, and adjust his direction and height position until it looks right).

Next is, if not already done, correcting the weasel’s position so that he stands on the first stairstep. Lastly, what’s left is setting their correct animations, which is done with the animation display codes for Player 1 and Player 2(11 for the Panther King, and 07 for the weasel), and correcting the camera a little, which we do with this code: 8109FA80 3CEE. Before we take the screenshot, better make sure to stop their animations at the desired position with the player speed adjusting codes, and the final scene will be like the pic below.

Making a savestate at this point is optional, but it’s best to do so. Now grab some screen ripping utility like SRip32(i’m using this app for capturing N64 emulator shots), and now you have your first conker snapshot that you worked so hard on setting up! While the result may not look exactly as in these example screens, just think of this as a way of learning the main steps in Conker snapshots making, and over time, you’ll be mastering this within almost no time. Forget not to save it in PNG format rather than JPEG. I personally don’t really like JPG, as it is a lossy format. This snapshot i’d call ”Panther King and His Milk”. If you want, you could give it an humorous description or something to explain what exactly is happening, like this;
Panther King: Hey, where is it!!
Weasel: What?
Panther King: My MILK!
Weasel: Oh, that one.. er, my liege, sorry to say this, but we’re out of milk right now.
Panther King: We’re out of milk?? No way, I want my milk NOW!
Weasel: Ok, Ok! You know where i can get some more milk perhaps?
Panther King: Just go and buy some over at the local food store. It’s not that complicated! I need it now, right NOW!!
Weasel(shaking in terror): Alright, i’ll go and get you some more milk then.
Panther King: And you’d better come back as soon as possible.
Weasel: Ok, i’ll be on my way.
Panther King: You know how it gone for your fatter buddy. I don’t wanna cut the nose of yet another weasel, again!
Weasel: Err… yeah, that sure ain’t very nice. Ok, goodbye, goodbye.

… but, if you don’t want to, then you don’t have to…



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