In order to make your own Conker Screenshots, you need to gather the following codes provided here. Some additional info is also provided, like which digit each character corresponds to, and so on.

Needed gameshark codes(there’s two versions, PAL & NTSC. Pick the set of codes for your region of the game): (Note: only PAL codes provided at the moment. I still have to port the rest of the codes over to NTSC, so only PAL users will be able to try making snapshots for now.)


Conker Model Modifier(P1)(C.Guru)
8009D1A1 00XX
800CC8B9 0002
810D255E 0005

Conker Model Modifier(P2)(C.Guru)
8009D1A2 00XX
800CCBE5 0003
800D257B 0005

Conker model modifier(P3)(C.Guru)
8009D1A3 00XX
800CCF11 0004
800D2597 0005

Conker model modifier(P4)(C.Guru)
8009D1A4 00XX
800CD23D 0005
800D25B3 0005

Player 1 coordinates(C.Guru)
810CC704 XXXX
810CC706 XXXX
810CC708 YYYY

Player 2 coordinates(C.Guru)

Player 3 coordinates(C.Guru)

Player 4 coordinates(C.Guru)
810CD088 XXXX
810CD090 ZZZZ
810CD092 ZZZZ

Player 1 animations display (C.Guru)
810CC772 00FF
810CC778 0000
800CC6F5 0000
800CC6F3 0001
D0042DA4 0008
810CC774 0XXX
D0042DA4 0008
800CC6F3 00C6
Press D-pad up to change the characters animation

Player 2/Cpu 1 animations display(C.Guru)
810CCA9E 00FF
810CCAA4 0000
800CCA1F 000X
D0042DA4 0008
D0042DA4 0008
800CCA1F 00C6
Press D-pad up to change the characters animation

player 3/Cpu 2 animations display(C.Guru)
810CCDD0 0000
800CCD4B 000X
D0042DA4 0008
D0042DA4 0008
800CCD4B 00C6
Press D-pad up to change the characters animation

player 4/Cpu 3 animations display(C.Guru)
810CD0F6 00FF
810CD0FC 0000
800CD077 000X
D0042DA4 0008
810CD0F8 0XXX
D0042DA4 0008
800CD077 00C6
Press D-pad up to change the characters animation

For the other characters, the value of X is entirely dependant on whether they’re computer controlled or not(which the former may usually not be what you want them to be). if they’re COMs, then they have 2 as their digit(better have 6 to make sure they don’t move). If they are players, then they have 1 as their digit, like Player 1. In any case, it’s better to have them set as players.(If they’re all set to be controlable by Player 1, then you can switch control between them, including your own character at your own will,)

Player Control Switch(P1P2P3P4)
D1042DA4 0200
810843F0 00FF
D1042DA4 0800
810843F0 0000
D1042DA4 0100
810843F0 FF00
D1042DA4 0400
810843F0 FFFF
D1042DA4 0220
810843F2 00FF
D1042DA4 0820
810843F2 0000
D1042DA4 0120
810843F2 FF00
D1042DA4 0420
810843F2 FFFF

This code allows you to toggle the characters to be controlled. While it may seem useless, it sure will come in handy later on if you need to position the characters at a specific position and direction without having to use the above Player coordinate codes all the time. Button combos are given below.

D-pad Left – Player 1 controlable, 2nd character are not
D-pad Up – Player 1 and 2nd character controlable
D-pad Right – 2nd character controlable, Player 1 are not
D-pad Down – Player 1 and 2nd character are not controlable
L+D-pad Left – 3rd character controlable, 4th character are not
L+D-pad Up – 3rd and 4th character controlable
L+D-pad Right – 4th character controlable, 3rd character are not
L+D-pad Down – 3rd and 4th character are not controlable

Number of characters modifier(Multiplayer)(C.Guru)
80090140 000F
810901E4 XXXX
810901E6 XXXX
810901E8 XXXX
810901EA XXXX
810901EC XXXX
810901EE XXXX
810901F0 XXXX
810901F2 XXXX

XX – Player type(also determines how many characters will be joining. For making screenshots, usually only about 3 or 4 players are needed, unless you plan on adding more characters for your screenshots, then you’d better have to know how things in the game works, and where the limits will take place if the game crashes)
00=Player1 01=Player2 02=Player3 03=Player4 FE=Computer player FF=none FC=Dummy(doesn’t move at all)

Player 1 Speed Adjuster
D0042DA4 0002
810CC738 0000
D0042DA4 0008
810CC738 3E00
D0042DA4 0001
810CC738 3F80

D-pad left – No speed
D-pad up – Slow
D-pad right – Default speed

For screenshots purposes.

Player 2/Cpu 1 Speed Adjuster
D0042DA4 0002
810CCA64 0000
D0042DA4 0008
810CCA64 3E00
D0042DA4 0001
810CCA64 3F80

D-pad left – No speed
D-pad up – Slow
D-pad right – Default speed

For screenshots purposes.

Move Conker ANYWHERE (Player 1) (C.Guru)
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 00C0
810CC714 4000
D10CC714 4000
800CC7EA 0000
D00CC7EA 0000
810CC7E8 0000
D10CC7E8 0000
800CC815 0000
D00CC815 0000
800CC827 0000
D00CC827 0000
803FFFF0 0000
D03FFFF0 0000
D0042DA5 0020
803FFFF0 0001
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC710 8000
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC778 FF00
D03FFFF0 0001
800CC7EA 00FF
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC7E8 F700
D03FFFF0 0001
800CC827 0004
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC876 0000
D03FFFF0 0001
800CC815 00FF
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC718 0001
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC714 8000
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 000A
810CC710 40FB
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 0008
810CC710 420B
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 0009
810CC710 42AB
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 0006
810CC710 C0FB
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 0004
810CC710 C20B
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 0005
810CC710 C2AB

works for the character who Player 1 currently is, press L to activate this ability(if in cutscene, hold the L button down till the screen fades back in again, or else you will fall through the ground, leading to death. This happens at random). now you can move him around all over the place, including; collision detection disabled, no gravity, invincibility,(with the exception of certain traps like pits, the grinder in conkula’s mansion(i think) and such) tricking and fooling your opponents. use the D-pad directions Up and Down to rise Conker/whoever you are upwards or downwards. slow down or speed up the up/down movement by holding down two directions at once, depending on if you hold up or down. either direction up or down+left direction slows it, and up or down+right speeds it up fast! Press B+A to deactivate the code at the desired position and height. hopefully this should be a suitable replacement for the moonjump cheat. There will be camera issues sometimes if you leave the area and reactivate the code again(the hack got a tendency to deactivate itself if you leave the area you were in, if you die, or go back to the bar(menu). I tried to fix this bug once, but it created another bug that let you have low gravity if the code is turned off), but going into first person look mode will fix it. It also creates a few other significant bugs(Just try riding the bull in the bull area. When the bull throws you off, and after a few seconds, you see the result).

Optional GS codes:

Press D-pad Up to Commit Suicide(Player 1)
D2042DA4 0008
810CC6F2 0001
D0042DA4 0008
810CC6F2 010D

Start in multiplayer mode(Press D-pad Left on controller 1)
800E0F62 0016
810BEE12 00XX
810BEE16 0008
D0042DA4 0002
800E0FC4 0005

Mostly intended for screenshot making purposes. XX  is the Level to be loaded (digit 14 however will crash the game. Well, it’s a legit digit(it is the Raptor arena), but for whatever reason the game freezes if this digit is being set, even if you already are in that area)

Technical information:

List of character models:
01=less detailed conker model
02=lesser detailed conker model
03=horribly detailed conker model
04=awfully detailed conker model
06=rareware logo
07=mrs. bee
09=safe door
0A=catfish with glasses
0E=corn bag(Beta)
0F=red cog
10=rock guy
11=skinny tall weasel
12=the gun thing on top of tediz tower
14=fat weasel
15=wooden box
16=uga buga
17=mr. big cog
18=the steel box whose has problem
19=greggs list of names
1A=dead catfish
1C=bullfish rope
1E=the steel box whose is afraid of a mouse
1F=bridge in bats tower chapter
23=beehive machine gun
26=remnants of marvin
27=marvins belly overgrowing
28=single player tank(freezes if you try to move)
29=green imp
2E=weird rock with eyes
2F=raptor/temple crossbow
30=munks rune
32=rock dino head tounge
34=purple imp with tnt on back
35=hand of the death
36=baby dino
37=franky hanging in rope
38=rock guy whose guards door outside rock solid
39=tediz tower
3A=fire imp(barely controlable, gets moved at the middle of level)
3B=weasel thief
3D=fire imp that got peed
3F=pleghm thing
40=faji 2
42=purple imp with blowtorch
44=dung beetle
45=frankys nemesis
46=blue cog
47=metal spider
49=war boat
4C=green cog
4E=war cannons
4F=armadillo rocket
51=bottom part of haybot
54=buga the knut
55=weird thing(freezes immediately)
56=nintendo 64 logo
58=single player squirrel soldier
59=buga the knuts privacy hiding cloth
5A=single player tediz
5C=tediz parachute(freezes)
5D=war plane that crashed
5F=single player tediz sergeant
60=steel box hanging on crane
61=steel box
63=haybots arm
64=upper part of uga
65=bottom part of uga
66=ammo box
67=war plane
6D=king bee
6F=nintendo 64 logo being cutted
70=single player gregg
71=Badly textured moneybag(Beta)
74=single player tediz
75=multiplayer tediz
76=panther king
77=singleplayer tank
78=montrous caterpillar thing
7B=tedi boss
7C=”brain” of the tedi boss
7D=top part of broken franky
7E=tediz weapon in single player
7F=mr. barrel
80=multiplayer squirrel soldier
81=the thing that the tedi boss hides under
82=yellow robot suit
84=selfdestruct button
85=antidrunk pills thing
86=don weaso
87=single player squirrel sergeant
88=multiplayer bald uga
8A=tediz machine gun(single player, multi war, and colors)
8D=dr. tediz
90=multiplayer uga with glasses
91=that rock fella with hair
92=the great mighty poo
93=sweet corn
95=the great mighty poo’s hand
96=neo conker
97=neo berri
98=weasel guard
99=weasel professor
9A=bat conker
9C=multiplayer villager
9D=multiplayer female villager
9E=weird eye in fish like armor
9F=multiplayer zombie
A0=multiplayer female zombie
A2=bat conkula
A3=the thing bat conkula hangs upside down on
A4=count conkula
A5=red baby raptor
A6=redead worm
A7=conker the table leg
A8=squirrels flag
A9=tediz flag
AA=Pokémon Tail(Beta)
AB=raptor egg
AC=boiler ball
AE=fat wasp
AF=skinny wasp
B0=multiplayer squirrel sergeant
B1=multiplayer tediz sergeant
B2=multiplayer gregg
B3=marvin at the ending
B4=skeleton gregg
B6=remnants of the cow
B7=don weaso hanging out at the weasels band
B8=skinny weasel playing clarinet at the weasels band
B9=short weasel doing drums at the weasels band
BA=raptor/temple bomb

List of Level values:
0000 – Bull area
0001 – Barn
0002 – Rock Solid – bar. Outside.
0003 – removed level, but some objects are left(cannot be explored normally, since the emu crash whenever conker spawns, but theres a solution; 810bee16 00XX(with XX being whatever level digit, except 03).)
0004 – Beach
0005 – Black – and empty
0006 – nasty/nice spot
0007 – catfish area
0008 – big plain empty area
0009 – removed level, loads data from previous level(tested on emu)
000A – Boiler. At spot when you piss on guys.
000B – Water near cogs.
000C – Barn Boys level
000D – removed level, loads data from previous level(Has cheese on it. Conker starts at a different point on the map, instead of at the middle. Could possibly have been some removed beta area)
000E – War – Area with tank
000F – removed level, loads data from previous level(maybe a half removed debug room, has Fangy in it)
0010 – Electrical room at top of Haybot Second Battle Spot
0011 – FREEZE
0012 – Inside water of safe
0013 – Beginning spot of War
0014 – Raptor arena
0015 – removed level, loads data from previous level(tested on emu)
0016 – removed level, loads data from previous level(tested on emu)
0017 – Water in safe
0018 – Intro
0019 – Prehistoric (dinosaurs parolling fort)
001A – Heist (multi)
001B – War lasers
001C – War part w/ Rodent
001D – Inside Pub (Cock and Plucker)
001E – War – lasers
001F – removed level, loads data from previous level(tested on emu)
0020 – big plain empty area (black void)
0021 – Ncube Massacre intro
0022 – Greggs room
0023 – War – Fighting tedi boss and subs
0024 – Tank (multi)
0025 – big plain empty area3(blue background)
0026 – Room with conveyor belt (master plan)
0027 – Bee hive
0028 – Escaping Tedi Boss
0029 – Starting level
002A – X FREEZE X (WRONG!! it loads a stage or level you’re in with incorrect structures, and leads to many strange things. where it goes:800BEE13 002A and the real level modifier:800BEE17 00?? with whatever digit you like to put there, without 800BEE17, then it wont work, or maybe it does.. however, you must be in either the same level, or whatever else level, for example, the great mighty poo for this to work correctly)
002B – Beach (Multi)
002C – Beetles house
002D – War arena (Multi)
002E – Inside Cave with key (first level)
002F – War – Operating room
0030 – Multi-area
0031 – Rock Solid bar
0032 – Beginning spot of race
0033 – Race (multi)
0034 – Multi-area
0035 – The Poo Boss
0036 – Inside Feral Reserve – beginning
0037 – Poo Slicers
0038 – Meeting place of Weasels? You can’t play here normally.
0039 – Outside Feral Reserve – Signs
003A – Inside Feral Reserve – in safe
003B – Nasty/Nice area – night
003C – Haunted Castle
003D – Path leading to Haunted Castle
003F – Raptor (multi)
0040 – Inside Feral Reserve – Final Boss
0041 – Spooky – flooded mineshafts
0042 – Slimy passage – Phlegm
0043 – Inside Prehistoric –> 44
0044 – Inside Prehistoric –> 32
0045 – FREEZE
0046 – FREEZE



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