Lazy Lucy

LL_titleI wanted to do this recently, and seeing as there’s no place on the internet for it, I thought I start this page. It will be dedicated to an character I like from an TV-show. The character I’m talking about are Lucy!:

LucyFrom my time on deviantArt, I’ve seen absolutely no art dedicated to this character. That’s not fair, I think Lucy deserves to be remembered like other obscure characters, and she has more to give than what most people think. I’m trying to make my own art of her by now, to make her more known.

As for the show itself, it centers around 8-year old Lucy, who in order to do as little as possible, always ends up doing more, and tries coming up with lazier ways of doing tasks. Originally to a degree created in 2003/2004 by Eckart Fingberg(mainly Concept Bible, Pilot Script, and Graphics Supervisor), this cartoon ran for 52 episodes over 5 seasons. I suppose it wasn’t well received outside of france?

Anyway, while this page will be dedicated to the main character Lucy, I hope a sort of fandom will come of this. I will be adding any Lucy art I happen to make(and maybe also support art).

My fanart of Lucy so far:

Here’s some episodes of the show that I’ve uploaded to my youtube account, to prevent it from vanishing away(gotta find the rest of them though. I know they’re out there somewhere.): Lazy Lucy Episodes



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