Kazooie in The Treasure Land

Kazooie in The Treasure Land has been an ongoing project of mine. Originally developed under version 6.1 of Game Maker, very much trouble surfaced during my time working on the title. But now it’s finally done. The game can be downloaded by clicking the below link. Demo builds will be put up on this page soon. Maybe not now or tomorrow, but in a week or two perhaps:

Download: Kazooie in the Treasure Land V1.1
Download: Kazooie in the Treasure Land V1.2

2013/09/18 18.35: V1.2 released. This minor revision fixes a few bugs left/introduced in V1.1.

List of old progress updates below:

2012/03/04 23.10: Got demo 052.0 of the game done.
Download: Kazooie in the Treasure Land, Demo 052.0

2012/03/05 10.49: Putting some pressure on myself towards on fixing all the cutscene timings at the moment. Will probably be a bit difficult, as i’m working within virtualbox these days.

2012/03/05 22.05: Finished designing the coffee table book screens. No screens right now. Too tired..

2012/03/07 19.41: 2  Screens of the coffee table book right below. Sorry for the wait:


2012/03/23 19.38: Working on the AI for the remaining enemy Wood-Stocks. More info on this later.

2012/04/09 23:07: Been rather sparse with updates recently, but i have received the ”flu” right now. Don’t know when i’ll be feeling better, maybe in a few days i suppose. No, having the flu is nowhere any nice. My nose constantly drips, which obviously prevents me from trying to draw on paper. Don’t like this at all… anyway, moving on. I’ve got some of the enemies partially working in terms of AI, and some minor changes in content has been made. I’ll try working more on the game project, despite being sick, and having my nose dripping all the time.

2012/05/03 12:40: Demo 052.1 up. Sorry for the delay. Currently working on getting demo 061.0 done, which will include further changes.
Download: Kazooie in the Treasure Land, Demo 052.1

2013/01/27 14:43: Demo 8.0 now available for download. Apologise for the long wait gap, I needed more time to fix up things in the game. There’s alot of changes in this demo release, so check it out, I’m sure you will notice some advancements in it’s progress as of late.
Download: Kazooie in the Treasure Land Demo 8.0

2013/02/08 15:43: Currently workin’ on the 8.1 build. So far I got the rest of the enemies done, but they’re still a bit incomplete. Will start making the blooper cutscenes by now which I intended to do several months ago, but couldn’t because of the enemies. More to come later.

2013/02/15 21:39: The majority of the Blooper cutscenes are now in the game. Still a bit incomplete on the graphics part, but their coding is all done. Also working on adding in the rest of the Coffee Table Book features.(Minigames, Cinema, and the Bloopers. As well as minor changes here and there) After I get the Coffe Book all completed, there’s only one thing left; all the damn bug testing.

2013/03/04 14:24: Work on the Minigames have begun. I assume it’ll take about 2 or 3 weeks to get most of them implemented.



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