Crower VS The Time

One of my last experimental projects which actually turned into a game. This game stars an limbless Dumb-Crow named Crower, who according to the game storyline, has in an weird fate fallen asleep while playing some videogames that he gotten at some flea market(Actually, i made up that bit. That Crower fellow really got those games at some lottery), but strangely can’t wake up on his own, so his inner ego is now called to help wake himself up.

Development of this game started at the end of August 2006, which lasted towards February 2008. I even made an version with the game text translated into english as well, that only took me a couple hours on a single night to accomplish. Looking back on this game, it sure has it’s flaws. But it was kinda rushed to completion, so some things were cut from the game, like the option to play some minigames after having completed the game(it’s sister difficulty levels included), an level select screen(which would have been accessed via an cheat code), and a few more stuffs. Even an rotating tip-box object was planned(for providing hints about certain stuff), but was scrapped, as i never saw any use for it anywhere in the game. An ending for the game’s Super-Hard mode were to be included in the game, but had to be dropped for reasons i can’t recall.

Several other games sprung up from this game as well during it’s development, such as an spinoff, and a sequel,  neither of which saw completion… apart from one game, Kazooie in The Treasure Land, which pretty much uses this game as a base. But it has nothing in relation to this game in any way, even if some things look similar between them.

Screenshots of gameplay:



Download: Crower VS The Time.1.6(Original, Swedish version)
Download: Crower VS The Time.1.0(English version)