Dumb-Crow’s Tetris Block Stopping Game 2

The sequel to the original game. The concept is exactly the same, only this time there’s 3 bonus levels in addition to the ordinary rooms. The player can now jump, and climb ladders(though upwards only). Though with the added controls, the game became ridden with collision detection glitches(due to the player object not having a mask sprite), debug functions were accidentally left enabled(well, i did that on purpose), and with music ripped directly from the NES version of Krusty’s Fun House, you may either love this game, or become utterly frustrated with the music playing in the background(it can be turned off, though each time an piece of music plays, it has to be turned off again.). Anyway, it’s all up to you if you can stand the music or not. If it gets you on the nerves, then either turn it off, or just play the game without any sound.

The remake of this game has solved all this, and all of the sounds in the original were replaced with different ones, including the Krusty’s Fun House music, which now is sequenced midi music from Rare games(Battletoads, and Killer Instinct). The glitches have been fixed. And the debug functions are disabled by default(can be enabled again via a cheat code that grants access to a small debug menu). Other enhancements include new graphics, and title screens.



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