Wario-Master of Disguise

Initially released for a portable gaming console, the NDS Lite, which even works with the original DS, this game revolves around Wario and his intense desire for money. As the games introduction story tells, Wario sits at home in front of his TV, bored, after flipping through some channels, comes across an ”Soon-to-be-aired-on-TV” TV-show about an master thief named The Silver Zephyr. Even though he trash-talks the TV Thief, he keeps watching until he becomes jealous and infuriated of this thief, and quickly goes into his backroom to make something. In just a few seconds, he creates an strange helmet which Wario names ”the Telmet”, and uses it to go inside his TV and take the show for himself… Considered by a number of individuals as an complete flop, this game still has humor enough for all who like fart jokes and such.

Under progress

Beta and Debug

Cheat codes(for Action Replay DS)