Powerpuff Girls Chemical X-Traction

An fighting game by VIS Entertainment(Formely VIS Interactive), based on the previous figthing game also developed by VIS, Tom & Jerry. Unlike the previous game, this one saw a release only in the United States, despite the game having been developed in the UK, Scotland.

Debug Menu:

An Debug Menu identical to the one already found in Tom and Jerry by hacking exists in this game as well. Most options are intact, while some are broken. Screenshots of it will come soon.


The main screen of the debug menu. The main options are as follows:

Level Menus – Shows the available levels. All of them(except Intro Map) are named ”Kitchen 1”, which suggests that the developers went a bit lazy in the  debugging proccess and didn’t bother give the descriptions for all levels proper debug names. Moreover, this makes it quite difficult to pick the right level. The levels for each choice are:

Intro map – Goes to the intro while also being in gameplay mode. Nothing else can be done, so the only way out is to pause the game and pick a different level.
Kitchen 1 – Pokey Oak’s Kindergarten
Kitchen 1(2) – Townsville City Hall
Kitchen 1(3) – The Bank
Kitchen 1(4) – Townsville City Dump
Kitchen 1(5) – Him’s Lair
Kitchen 1(6) – Mojo’s Volcano-top Observatory
Kitchen 1(7) – Fuzzy’s Shack

Cheat Menu:


Page will be updated as I get to document more things about the debug menu.



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