Stuff That Didn’t Happen

Yes. Even an lonely hobbyist like myself may have had done some kind of personal projects, like games for example, but ended up scrapping work on it. For the purpose of this page, it’s about games i’ve worked on with Game Maker. Most of them barely have any content, but for the ones that have come an rather long way before being abandoned, well… either way, have a look.

And, if when i get the chance, i may make these games public one day… not now, and maybe not next week, but when i have the time.

Kazooie’s Bad Strange Day
What started out as an nonviolent game changed drastically, only to eventually end up being thrown into the trashcan… Sigh, that such a minimal amount of critic can have such large impact on a game that have just barely been started.


Kazooie And Yoshi
An rather odd Ren n’ Stimpy take actually. Was scrapped because of gameplay bugs.

Kazooie’s Treasure Hunts
Another Kazooie game that never made it.

Kazooie World
This one was to be my very first Wario-style Kazooie game. Development never was very much started on it either

Happser the Woodpecker’s Quest
The game that never was to be.

Puyo Wacki

Weirdo’s Forest
Another one of my games that never saw any daylight.

Croc Remake
An planned remake for some game released for an aged portable videogaming system, the GameBoy Color. Ended up in the trashcan as well

Dumb Crows Tetris Block Stopping Game 3