The April Fools prank that seemed too real.

It’s not unusual for AFs to make themselves sound so real that you end up believing in it. One such case has happened to me, but only once. I personally don’t really like AF, and by now after the following AF prank I no longer believe in them. Anyway, read this little story of mine and find out what i’ve gone through(and all the years I wasted, but it wasn’t the only reason for that however) upon stumbling across this ”supposed” discovery:

Back in 2007, I lurked around on theRWP(Rare Witch Project), and came across a topic on an level from Twelve Tales Conker 64 that still was in the Conker ROM. The person who ”discovered” it was no other than Coolboyman(who now is working together with some other guys on an PC application called Mumbo’s Wand. Don’t know exactly what kind of ROM editor it will be, but very likely an Level editor/importer for Banjo-Kazooie. Support for Conker is being worked on as well, and I assigned myself to help finish documenting the ROM map for the latter game). While everyone else seemed to be all ok in their minds(it was posted before april the 1st, just to make the prank clever.), I was all like overexcited, and thus began trying to access the level for myself, and this keeped going on for years, until in about january 2012(this very year) after reading on the RWP wiki that the whole thing was a prank set up by CBM. Alot of effort were apparently put into making the AF joke sound as real as possible, all this just to get back on all the members with all their stupid Stop n’ Swop theories(at least what I believe it to be, and I can agree that those theories sounded quite silly, as I lost interest in SNS a long time ago). It was over time forgotten about afterwards, and faded into obscurity somewhat. On the other hand,  the prank was really well made, but it didn’t make me laugh at all. I took the topic as a serious thing, and I think I made it clear to the other members on a topic I made about it that it sure wasn’t funny, but none of them seemed to understand… by now however I have gotten over it, and I now know that not everything is true. Link to my topic about it(link to the original thread is in the first post also): So the beta windmill was fake after all…

Do understand that to me this doesn’t really matter much anymore, but I thought I’d share this little experience of mine on my site anyway.



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