Wario Land 3(GBC)

Wario Land 3 for the Gameboy Color don’t have that many useful glitches, but there’s a couple other ones involving Wario’s moves and such, which will be listed here.

Requirements for the below move glitches: having aquired all or most of Wario’s powers is neccessary for these glitches.

Butt-stomping on top of a ladder:(discovered: about 2005 or 2006)

This one is dead simple to perform. Just find a ladder you can climb down, and hold down on the D-pad. Wario will do his butt-stomping move rapidly nonstop for as long as you keep the d-pad pressed.

Knock away a enemy and butt-stomp at the same time:(discovered: about 2005 or 2006)

All you need for this glitch is an enemy who is light enough(or an throwable object).  Now here’s the hard part; press A+B+down on the D-pad at the same time, and Wario will knock away the enemy while also doing a butt-stomp. This has no real use, except for stunning any nearby enemies. It is very hard to do, and it may not work on the first few tries.

Control Wario after beating the final boss:(discovered: about 2005 or 2006)

If you’ve already beaten the game, or are about to face the final boss of the game, Rudy the Clown, go to The Temple, and either watch the cutscene, or skip it. When the battle begins, manage to get to the final phase(where the clown gets mad and attacks at a faster rate). Now,  try to time your throw with his glove just as Rudy hits the floor with his other fist. If successfully timed, he will bounce as expected, as the fist has smashed down on the floor, but the player will notice that Wario now can be controlled. This moment only lasts for a very short time, so try messing around in the room while you have the chance. Still, an very funny, but bizarre glitch.

Hit Rudy the Clown consecutively:(discovered: about 2005 or 2006)

Go to The Temple, and battle the final boss. After having stunned one of his fists, throw it at his face, but just as it is about to drop down, try to catch it before it lands. If it worked, you will now hold his fist again, without having to wait for the opportunity to stun it again, thus you can repeat this proccess to beat him more quickly than usual.(an easier way to do this is to throw the fist up to the side of his face, and it will bounce to and off the side of the screen, making it easier to try grabbing the fist.)

Give Me a Hand Upwards Please:(discovered: about 2005 or 2006)

Go to The Temple, as before, and battle the final boss. When he is about to grab Wario, go to either the left or right side of the screen, and jump as his hands approaches the sides of the screen. Wario will now be forced upwards, as Rudy’s hands are like enemies to Wario, and so the game tries to bounce Wario away from them, but can’t as there’s no more space in the room, so Wario will just be shoved upwards. A bit pointless, but fun to do if bored.