Zelda – A Link to the Past(SNES)

This game sure has MANY known bugs and glitches, but there’s still a few ones that I hope yet haven’t appeared online.

Mirror Freeze:(Discovered in: ??/03/2009)

In any place where the Mirror can be used(Dungeons, and Dark World), have the mirror equipped, and go find a sign. Now, this is a bit tricky to pull off; Try using the mirror at the same time as you try reading a sign, and the game will freeze. If done successfully, the following types of crashes may happen:

1. If the glitch were performed in a dungeon, the screen will go black, with music still playing in the background(though sometimes it may hang. Haven’t confirmed this yet for myself). The only way out is to turn off the game.
2. If performed in the overworld(Dark World), the screen will flash, and reappear with some garbled sprites and no scenery(most of the time.). Music will also most of the time go haywire(though not always. The game may switch to a different tune at times, most likely the title screen theme). Only way out is to turn off the game. (A word of warning: This type of crash may have the risk of erasing or corrupting any of the save files!! So far I never had this happen, but think twice before trying this unless you don’t mind having your files erased.)

Wall Hopping:(Discovered in: ??/03/2009)
This glitch is quite hard to do, but is worth the while if done successfully. It also doesn’t require the mirror, all you have to do is find a slanted wall that faces diagonally (downwards) left in the overworld(make sure you’ve got the pegasus boots, as this is required in order to perform this glitch). Now go towards the wall, and try lining Link up with any pixel that peeks out of it(Link has to be standing INSIDE the pixel, or it won’t work. It’s difficult to get it right, but you can keep holding the D-pad directions down+left to make the task more easy), preferably at the bottommost pixel, but not too close to where the wall begins, and start charging to the left. If done right, Link will jump as if he jumped from a hoppable ledge. This glitch can be used to go out of bounds in the overworld map, and visit screens and places normally forbidden for access. In some cases however you may get stuck. This ”may” not work for every slanted wall facing diagonally down+left, mostly the thin ones. Ledges facing diagonally left(pointing either up or down) also work, but Link will jump it down instead of jumping a couple pixels.

All glitches discovered by C.Guru