Unused Levels

Ok, the level models themselves in most of them are sadly no longer present, but at least their objects do. However, accessing the majority of them is no walk in the park really, as it has it’s requirements to be met; the level you last were in must be of an certain size, and the digit for 810BEE16 often varies for each of the below level slots. I’ll try gathering information on how to access each one in whatever ways as soon as possible.

03 – An empty level with the Dogfish from the Bat’s Tower chapter, and a bunch of catfish. No level geometry is left, so the game pulls the model from the level last accessed.(it is like this for all the other levels which no longer have any model file, and we unfortunately may never know how they originally looked like.)  The objects are still valid though. Of whatever is left, it seems to be an earlier version of the Catfish area from the final version. It fails to load when trying to access it as is, maybe due to an incorrect header… well, it manages to load, but crashes in just about a second. Using 810BEE12 0003 810BEE16 00?? however(?? being whatever digit, but the safest to use would be 08), prevents it from crashing the game.

05 – Black area with large playground. As the name suggests, the floor is invisible(literally, untextured), so the player can’t see whereabout he/she’s heading.

08 – Large flat area, with an corrupted floor texture, and a grey void. It is unknown what this level originally was, maybe an debug area?

09 – Same as the previous one. but crashes upon loading. Using 810BEE12 0009 810BEE16 0008 fixes this.

0D – Another level without it’s geometry. A single cheese is present. Probably an test area?

0F – Again, another one of those levels that no longer has any model data left. Fangy the Raptor is in here, and he’ll follow Conker regardless of where he goes.

15 – An level with no geometry. Has no objects at all, and conker starts high up in the air. Crashes when trying to access it as is.

16 – Same as above, except that a tank exists. It can be jumped into, and start rolling around and blast. One thing to note though, is that the area is pitch dark, so you’ll have to stick close to the tank if you wanna see where you’re heading.(applies for most part only to areas where the level light is dynamic. In the above pic however, only Conker and the tank are affected, as the level geometry is not set to have dynamic lightning.)

1F – Level without any model data, again. Seems to have nothing in it.

20 – An large flat area with a black void.

25 – Same as above, but with a blue void for a background. While not really unused, it serves as the place for the copyrights stuff as seen when booting up the game. An interesting thing to note is that during bootup, Conker is loaded into the level as well(although just a couple feet up in the air), completely uncontrolable(except for the camera), in the first frame of his sneaking animation. This however cannot normally be seen, and the only way to be able to see it is to disable the copyrights routine via hacking.

2A – This one is quite strange, as it also seems to wrap parts of the level model previously loaded. However, it crashes as it loads, and the only way to access this is via this code: 810BEE12 002A 810BEE16 0008. However, accessing it is in no way any easy; the area you last were in has to be small(like the Poo mountain cave, where TGMPoo is fought). Once it loads, you will be back in a rather messed up version of the previous level. A set of Ugas also appear somewhere in the air and drops down while walking. Seems to have been yet another test level before it’s model was removed for space.